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Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Redway CSD is Working

Redway CSD is working hard to improve the quality and security of the services we provide.  Our field crew is busy with routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs to the distribution and collection system.  The plant operators are busy with operations and maintenance of the water and wastewater treatment facilities.  Our office staff is hard at work on a new website, regular clerical and accounting duties, developing the 2019/2020 operating budget and several funding proposals.

The field staff does routine maintenance on lift stations.  This includes testing pumps, motors, generators and emergency call out equipment.  Maintenance also includes servicing pumps and generators and cleaning floats, valves and other submerged equipment.  The field staff is also busy performing scheduled and unscheduled repairs and maintenance on the distribution and collection system.  Valves are exercised, hydrants are tested and sewer lines are flushed on a regular schedule.  Equipment that is scheduled for replacement is overhauled or replaced on a regular schedule.  Unscheduled maintenance and repairs include clearing clogged sewer lines, repairing or replacing failed equipment and repairing breaks and leaks in the distribution system.

Water and wastewater plant operators work hard day in and day out taking reads and samples, testing, adjusting and maintaining treatment equipment, performing scheduled maintenance and making scheduled repairs.  Sometimes they are called upon to make unscheduled repairs as well.  Redway CSD always has an operator on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of a water emergency.  The on-call operator can be reached anytime day or night by calling the emergency line.  Please only use this phone number for emergencies.  For emergencies not related to the Redway CSD water system please call 911.

Redway CSD is currently working on several funding proposals; 1) drinking water infrastructure improvement planning project proposal, 2) wastewater infrastructure improvement planning project proposal, 3) solar electric infrastructure implementation project, 4) fire hydrant upgrade project.

The water and wastewater infrastructure improvement planning project proposals are being made to the California State Water Resources Control Board Clean Water State Revolving Fund.  These planning projects will put the designs and documents in place to allow Redway CSD to upgrade and expand our water and wastewater services to accommodate current demand as well as anticipated growth for many years into the future.  Once these funds are secured, we will move into the planning stage where we will evaluate the options and design the systems that will be implemented to upgrade our systems. 

The solar electric implementation project is currently in the funding stage.  We have selected a preferred project to apply solar power to all of the District’s electrical demands.  We are working with Redwood Coast Energy Authority to secure a loan that will be paid back using the money we would normally spend on electricity bills.  Once the funding is secured, we expect to build solar arrays at the water and the wastewater plants to offset 100% of the District’s electricity demand.

Redway CSD has submitted a funding proposal to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures for a fire hydrant upgrade project.  This project will replace 40 aged and obsolete fire hydrants in the community of Redway.  Although these hydrants are currently functional, they are at the end of life.  They are no longer manufactured and as such, replacement parts and tools are not available.  If one of these hydrants does fail it will be out of service until it can be replaced.  If funded, this project will replace all 40 of the obsolete hydrants in the community of Redway.

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