Proposed Projects

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  • Redway CSD is Working

    March 8, 2019

    Redway CSD has several capital improvement projects on the horizon.  The water mains that service McKenzie Lane and Upper West Coast Road/Mill Road are slated for replacement.  Both of these water mains are aged and cost the district money every year for repairs and maintenance.  Both of these lines will be upgraded to supply increased fire flow to hydrants that will be installed that the ends of the lines.  The McKenzie Lane water main is scheduled to be replaced during the summer of 2019.  The water main that services Upper West Coast Road/Mill Road is currently scheduled to be replaced during the summer of 2020. 

    Operations staff is working with valve manufacturers to identify and install the appropriate equipment to allow access to 80,000 gallons of currently unusable water storage capacity.  When the newest bolted steel tank was installed at Rusk Lane, the outlets of the existing tank and the new tank were plumbed together.  The older tank is shorter than the new tank and so this limits the height to which the new tank can be filled.  A device called an altitude valve can be placed between the tanks to allow the new tank to be filled to capacity.  We are currently working with several valve manufacturers to identify the appropriate equipment.  This project will be implemented in the near future.

    Redway CSD is working to identify and develop groundwater resources.  We are currently working with a geologist and well driller to identify locations where groundwater resources are expected.  We will be drilling and testing exploratory holes during the summer of 2019.  Based on the results of those exploratory holes, we will be developing extraction wells at one or more locations.  These wells will improve the security of the water resources delivered to Redway CSD.