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Water Conservation Stage 1

Many water providers in California base their supply estimates on reservoir levels.  Under these conditions conservation is important on a year round basis.  Conservation during the rainy season will result in additional water available during the drier parts of the year. 


However, Redway’s river source of supply is dynamic and seasonal.  During the rainy season water supply is plentiful, even during relatively dry years.  Conservation during these periods does not result in additional water supply  available in the drier parts of the year.  During the drier parts of the year water withdrawals from the river system can be in direct competition with other ecological demands – consequently adequate water supply to District customers during summer months can be limited even in relatively wet years.  RCSD regularly experiences late summer drought conditions even in “normal” water supply years.  


6.1  Summer Conservation Declaration


Summer Conservation Restrictions for Water Conservation Stage One (1) may be initiated by the District Board of Directors in mid to late spring depending on water supply availability and river flow levels in the South Fork of the Eel River.


A declaration of Water Conservation Stage One (1) may be caused by, but is not limited to, any or all of the following circumstances or events:

  • A regional water supply shortage exists and a public outreach campaign is being implemented asking or requiring all Persons to reduce water use;
  • Delivery infrastructure such as storage reservoirs, pipes, pumps, filtration devices or groundwater wells are inoperable or unusable (such as by power outages, mechanical failure, or contamination);
  • Declaration of mandatory water conservation measures by an authority other than the District, such as the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB);
  • River flows fall below 25 cfs (at Miranda gauge); (located at the Hooker Creek turnoff .)
  • When the District’s system delivery pumps are required to operate more than 18 hours in one 24 hour period to provide sufficient water supply to District customers; and
  • Current river flows are below 50% of median flows as measured by USGS at the Miranda gauge..


6.2      Stage I Summer Conservation Restrictions


Summer restrictions may be in effect from June 1st until Oct 15th.


Mandatory Restrictions:


  • No pools or storage tanks shall be filled. All pools and storage tanks must be filled between January 1 and May 31st.
  • Industrial accounts are restricted to 3000 cubic feet per month.

Recommended Voluntary Restrictions:

  • Commercial accounts requested to voluntarily limit use to 2500 cubic feet per month.
  • Landscape watering is allowed only between the hours of 6pm .and 10:00am.;
  • Restrict outdoor water usage to an ‘Odd / Even’ water conservation plan. Under this plan odd numbered homes are asked to restrict their outside water usage to Wednesday and Sunday. Even numbered homes are asked to water outdoors only on Tuesday and Saturday; Businesses are asked to water on Monday and Thursday. Water each area only for 10 minutes.
  • Refrain from allowing water to run off any lawns, landscape, or garden into adjoining streets, gutters, sidewalks, parking lot or alley;
  • Refrain from hosing or washing sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots or other hard surfaced areas;
  • Refrain from washing cars, boats, trailers, or other vehicles except at commercial car wash where water is recycled;
  • Equip any hose with a quick acting shut-off nozzle;
  • Promptly repair all leaks in plumbing fixtures, water lines, and sprinkler systems;
  • Equip ornamental fountains, ponds or lakes with a water recycling system;
  • Nurseries must use basins under watered inventory to catch excess water;

6.3      Summer Conservation Objectives

The objective of the measures undertaken in Water Conservation Stage Two is to voluntarily reduce water system consumption within the District by 25% relative the same month in 2014.